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Welcome to Shortfamousquotes.com, It was created in August 2019 keeping in mind that our life is full of stress and tension, to overcome this problem we have come with an idea for creating a website on which everyone can visit for the helpful and informative quotes.

Which will help them in word from famous people that might also suffer in their time?

About Us 

shortfamousquotes.com is opened for everyone who wishes to improve their life by reading quotes on various topics, such as inspirational quotes, motivation quotes, happiness quotes, life quotes, smile quotes, etc.

Quotes help our life to boost in the form of a word.

It will open the mind to think beyond our boundaries because we are tied by various person who makes us downgrading.

Even as the site continues to grow, Smilequotes.co’s grounding philosophy is that anyone can be inspired, but inspiration has to be channelled into action in order for it to translate into personal growth.

In our life, it is very important that we must be motivated to work harder and achieved the goal we have made for.

This will help you to.

This site does ask you private information from anyone for any malicious use.

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About Me

This website was created due to one incident happened in my life. When I was a teen, there was one incident that makes more inspired my life to explore more things in my life.

I was so excited as well as nervous when I show my favourite role model who gives an amazing speech about stressful life, those days I was very lazy as you can imagine.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I was in deep thought what to do in my life.

Next morning I come up with one idea about collecting quotes as many as possible in my life.

Onward I created this website and that here.

Thank You