Profound Being Alone Quotes! With Images! (2021)


Being Alone Quotes

Sad Being Alone Quotes
Sad Being Alone Quotes

“It’s far better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone — so far.”

― Marilyn Monroe            

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”

― anthony burgess

“I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone.”

― Audrey Hepburn

Being Alone Quotes with images

“If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.”

― Criss Jami

“if you wanted to do something absolutely honest, something true, it always turned out to be a thing that had to be done alone.”

― Richard Yates, 

“Pointing to another world will never stop vice among us; shedding light over this world can alone help us.”

― Walt Whitman

“The trouble is not really in being alone, it’s being lonely. One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd, don’t you think?”

― Christine Feehan,

“And if you couldn’t be loved, the next best thing was to be let alone.”

― L.M. Montgomery

Alone Quotes Images
Alone Quotes Images

“I feel sorry for anyone who is in a place where he feels strange and stupid.”

― Lois Lowry,           

“The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration. ”

― Pearl S. Buck

“If a woman sleeps alone it puts a shame on all men. God has a very big heart, but there is one sin He will not forgive. If a woman calls a man to her bed and he will not go.”

― Nikos Kazantzakis,

“It doesn’t matter how many times you leave, it will always hurt to come back and remember what you once had and who you once were. Then it will hurt just as much to leave again, and so it goes over and over again. Once you’ve started to leave, you will run your whole life.”

― Charlotte Eriksson

Alone Quotes About Love
Alone Quotes About Love

“The writer’s curse is that even in solitude, no matter its duration, he never grows lonely or bored.”        

― Criss Jami           

“To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.”

― Amit Ray

“What you are to do without me I cannot imagine.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“Everyone’s moving on without me, into a world I don’t understand.”

― Sophie Kinsella

“Do not whine… Do not complain. Work harder. Spend more time alone.”

― Joan Didion

“There is a certain strength in being alone.”

― Heather Duffy Stone

“There are people who like to be alone without feeling lonely at all.”

― Toba Beta

“If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.”

― Paulo Coelho

“Lingering is so very lonely when one lingers all alone.”

― Mervyn Peake

“I’ve come home in love with loneliness”

― L.M. Montgomery

“Everybody is a stranger, but that’s the danger in going my own way.”

― John Mayer

“People left him alone. And that was all he wanted.”

― Patrick Süskind

Alone Quotes In English
Alone Quotes In English

“There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey.”

― Mandy Hale        

“Even if you are alone you wage war with yourself.”

― Dejan Stojanovic

“I had been alone more than I could have been had I gone by myself.”

― Sylvia Plath

“Often it feels like I am breathing today only because a few years back I had no idea which nerve to cut…”

― Sanhita Baruah

“I’m all alone, but I’m not lonely.”

― Haruki Murakami

“We’ve got a bond in common, you and I. We are both alone in the world.”

― Daphne du Maurier

“To feel alone is to be alone.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer

“I did not know I was lonely, she thought, until I was no longer alone.”

― Katherine Arden,

“I only want one thing of men, and that is, that they should leave me alone.”

― D.H. Lawrence

“How alone everyone is in the vast tomb of the universe!”

― Jean Paul

“Nothing is worse than being alone on the evening of the day when one’s cow has exploded.”

― Dean Koontz

“We all do have our own reasons for being alone; in my case, I just don’t like wasting my time on some assholes.”

― M.F. Moonzajer

“I have been a stranger here in my own land: All my life”

― Sophocles

“Eventually, we all end up alone.”

― Ally Carter               

“For fear you will be alone you do so many things that aren’t you at all.”

― Richard Brautigan

Happy Being Alone Quotes
Happy Being Alone Quotes

“I remain someone of little consequence, as if nothing more than dandelion fluff caught on a breeze.”

― Kelly Moran           

“Sometimes distance was easier than acting, or explaining.”

― Laura Kaye

“What was the point of being himself if he had to be alone?”

― Austin Chant

“Smile and the world smiles with you…Weep and you weep alone.”

Alone Quotes Sad
Alone Quotes Sad

“I’d rather love a million times and have my heart broken every time, than hold a permanently empty heart forever.”

― H.C. Paye                            

“Now I no longer wish to be loved, beautiful, happy or successful. I want one thing and one thing only – to be left alone.”

― Jean Rhys

“Loneliness is a state of feeling that can be changed. People may still feel lonely even among the crowd.”

― Toba Beta

“I didn’t want to upset my loved ones, but I couldn’t carry this alone.”

― Julie Flygare

“You’re not alone, there is more to this I know. You can make it out, you will live to tell.”

― Saosin

“alone, condemned, deserted, as those who are about to die are alone, there was a luxury in it, an isolation full of sublimity; a freedom which the attached can never know”

― Virginia Woolf

“She says she glories in being abandoned”

― J. M. Barrie

“Her complexity is a glorious fire that consumes, while her simplicity goes unapproachable. But if one takes time to understand her, there is something beautiful to find, something simple to be loved. But she goes unloved, for being misunderstood.”

― Anthony Liccione

“What broke your heart so bad That you had to close every door,That you say you have a dark soul And can’t utter the word ‘love’ anymore?”

― Sanhita Baruah                               

“Aside from myself, there was no sign of me.”

― Nicole Krauss

“The ancient covenant is in pieces; man knows at last that he is alone in the universe’s unfeeling immensity, out of which he emerged only by chance. His destiny is nowhere spelled out, nor is his duty. The kingdom above or the darkness below: it is for him to choose.”

― Jacques Monod

“I can’t imagine what my life was before. I can’t imagine ever being without you for very long again.”

― Anna Godbersen

“No,nobody but nobody can make it out her alone.”

― Maya Angelou
Alone Quotes For Girl
Alone Quotes For Girl

“Eagle’s flight of loneliness soars so high Around its sigh, no more alone the sky Other birds remain away, clouds pass by Between shrouds of life and haze sun rays die”

― Munia Khan             

“Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself.”

― Robert Tew

“And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries.”

― Paul Simon

“the comfort of reclusion, the poetry of hibernation”

― Marcel Proust

Better Alone
Better Alone

“People would rather live in a community with unreasonable claims, than face loneliness with their truth”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana             

“She felt just like that girl in that book with the letter A on her chest. Only her A signified Alone. She was an outcast, cast out by her own choices, an outsider with a pretty face. Like a rose, she may have been beautiful to look at, but almost everyone only knew the thorny side.”

― Victoria Kahler

“It wasn’t the aloneness that Liz minded. It was the silence. It echoed.”

― Amy Zhang

“Sometimes isolation can be shared.”

― Ken Grimwood

“Quite alone. No voice, no touch, no hand….How long must I lie here? For ever? No, only for a couple of hundred years this time, miss….”

― Jean Rhys
Fighting Alone Quotes
Fighting Alone Quotes

“You have to go head, even if no one goes with you.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita            

“He liked to get off by himself, a mile or so from camp, and listen to the country, not the men.”

― Larry McMurtry

“It is strange to both fit in everywhere and belong nowhere, to never feel completely at home outside of your own skin”

― Maquita Donyel Irvin

“I think only when you are truly alone can you see you never were.”

― Kelly Moran

short quotes
short quotes

“I’ve always loved the night, when everyone else is asleep and the world is all mine. It’s quiet and dark—the perfect time for creativity.”

― Jonathan Harnisch               

“After a certain age, you felt a need not to be alone. It grew stronger, like a radio frequency, until finally it was so powerful that you were forced to do something about it.”

― Meg Wolitzer

“You’re the one thing I want the most in the world yet the one thing I cannot have. Because to have you completely would be impossible. You can’t go where I walk.”

― Abbi Glines

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“From the top of the bus she could see the vast bowl of London spreading out to the horizon: splendid shops with mannequins in the window, interesting people and already a much bigger world.”

― Julia Gregson

Sad Lonely Quotes
Sad Lonely Quotes

“Silence is a cage. These words are my wings.”

― Jenim Dibie          

“i brought in alone with me”

― Donny Jackson

“It is like this every year—a baby king is born to die, and I will sleep alone, failing at the very thing I fear failure of.”

― Jill Alexander Essbaum

You Are Not Alone Quotes
You Are Not Alone Quotes

“The lion is brave to walk alone.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita           

“We can do more together than we can do alone.”

― Shane Claiborne

Quotes About Being Yourself
Quotes About Being Yourself

“I’ve learned that there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.”

― Laura Pohl            

“People who hate solitude have very low standards when it comes to the company they keep.”

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana         

The Power Of Being Alone
The Power Of Being Alone

“It hasn’t gotten easier Tax. It never will. You said you wouldn’t leave me. But here I am, all alone.”

― NINA G. JONES         



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