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    Best Respect Quotes

    “Youth is wasted on the young.”

    ― George Bernard Shaw

    “Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

    ― Confucius
    Best Respect Quotes ― Albert Einstein
    Best Respect Quotes ― Albert Einstein

    “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”

    ― Albert Einstein

    “The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them.”

    ― Steve Hall

    “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”

    ― Laurence Sterne

    “Love is honesty. Love is a mutual respect for one another.”

    ― Simone Elkeles

    Best Respect Quotes ― Mahatma Gandhi
    Best Respect Quotes ― Mahatma Gandhi

    “I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one’s self-respect.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    “I can be hurt, she said, only by people I respect.”

    ― Mary Balogh

    “I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said ‘I want to be let alone!’ There is all the difference.”

    ― Greta Garbo

    “Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.”

    ― Shannon L. Alder

    “When I look at a person, I see a person – not a rank, not a class, not a title.”

    ― Criss Jami

    Best Respect Quotes ― Theodore Roosevelt
    Best Respect Quotes ― Theodore Roosevelt

    “Politeness [is] a sign of dignity, not subservience.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    “The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.”

    ― William Hazlitt

    “Whether we wound or are wounded, the blood that flows is red.”

    ― Eiichiro Oda

    “He who wants a rose must respect her thorn.”

    ― André Gide

    “Anyone who teaches me deserves my respect, honoring and attention.”

    ― Sonia Rumzi

    “Tolerance only for those who agree with you is no tolerance at all.”

    ― Ray A. Davis

    “Men didn’t respect beauty…they used it.”

    ― Nora Roberts

    “Some of the most beautiful things we have in life comes from our mistakes.”

    ― Surgeo Bell

    Best Respect Quotes ― Thomas Paine
    Best Respect Quotes ― Thomas Paine

    “My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”

    ― Thomas Paine

    “Men are always ready to respect anything that bores them.”

    ― Marilyn Monroe

    “You demand respect and you’ll get it. First of all, you give respect.”

    ― Mary J. Blige

    “I respect you as a person too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs.”

    ― Johann Hari

    “Stand up for who you are. Respect yourSelf and ignite the divine sparks in you. Access your powers. Choose your rights and work together with others to bring blessings into the lives.”

    ― Amit Ray

    “You can demand courtesy but you have to earn respect.”

    ― Lawrence Goldstone

    “I hate that I had to pull out my wallet and buy respect.”

    ― Becca Ritchie

    “Friendship is thinking of the other person first.”

    ― George Alexiou

    “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, do we have the right to laugh at others?”

    ― C.H. Hamel

    “I want to lay my kill at your feet.”

    ― Annette Curtis Klause

    “All my problems bow before my stubbornness.”

    ― Amit Kalantri

    “Where we fall are the stepping-stones for our journey.”

    ― Lolly Daskal

    “Politeness is the first thing people lose once they get the power.”

    ― Amit Kalantri

    “Respect and compassion aren’t about how you feel for someone, they are more about how you make others feel.”

    ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

    “This is how you start to get respect, by offering something that you have.”

    ― Mitch Albom

    “Respect for right conduct is felt by every body.”

    ― Jane Austen

    “Boys seek attention, men demand respect.”

    ― Habeeb Akande

    “Please. Thank you. Learn it. Love it. Or be disappointed.”

    ― CM Punk

    “He had so much damn respect he wanted to scream.”

    ― Orson Scott Card

    “Without struggle, success has no value.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.”

    ― Albert Einstein

    “Fights begin and end with handshakes.”

    ― Cameron Conaway

    “If you didn’t earn something, it’s not worth flaunting.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “Taro taught me that people respect spirit, but even cowards don’t respect cowards.”

    ― David Mitchell

    “Manners and politeness will never become old-fashioned.”

    ― Auliq Ice

    “Respect is a really powerful magic too, you know.”

    ― Jefferson Smith

    “If the odds are 50/50, I don’t stand a chance!”

    ― Rodney Dangerfield

    “Respect the young and chastise your elders. It’s about time the world was set alight.”

    ― Vera Nazarian

    “As love without esteem is capricious and volatile; esteem without love is languid and cold.”

    “Treat what you love with gentle kindness and appreciative respect.”

    ― J. Earp

    “you’ve never heard the phrase: “Divided We Stand”

    ― Manuel Corazzari

    “If you can’t Respect her, you don’t Deserve Her!”

    ― Udayveer Singh

    “Respect is tendered with pleasure only where it is not exacted.”

    ― Anne Robert Jacques Turgot

    “Sacredness inspires respect.”

    ― Toba Beta

    “Respect is a kind of magic too, you know.”

    ― Jefferson Smith

    “Time’ is the only player who you should trust!”

    ― Somya Kedia

    “Letting go is also a matter of self-worth.”

    ― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

    “One boyfriend is enough to a Girl who respect her body enough”

    ― Gugu Mofokeng

    “we are adaptive rather than disordered”

    ― Bonnie Badenoch

    “I was also raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called respect.”

    ― Keanu Reeves

    “Appreciation has the amazing habit of bringing more reasons to be grateful for.”

    ― Isabella Koldras

    “No one respects beauty.”


    “I have great respect for Hawaiians and their unique culture.”

    ― Steven Magee

    “Love, respect and appreciate your parents as it is the one gift they truly cherish and desire.”

    ― Margo Vader

    “I have great respect for Hawaiians and their unique culture.”

    ― Steven Magee

    “Sometimes its necessary to realize the people what actually the word attitude means.”

    ― Raj Kumar Koochitani

    “love is the only answer. Regardless of the question.”

    ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

    “Respect flows from eyes.”

    ― Rupal Asodaria

    “If they do not even respect their own, they respect no one.”

    ― Bobby Casto

    “Love without respect is a lethal thing.”

    ― Joan Morgan

    “Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.”

    ― Anna Quindlen

    “I have no respect for Governor David ICE of Hawaii.”

    ― Steven Magee

    “Maybe the struggle is to keep us humble”

    ― spoken silence

    “the easiest way to open a close door is with kindness and respect”

    ― Manuel Corazzari

    “the easiest way to open a closed door is with kindness and respect”

    ― Manuel Corazzari

    “A disorder is not a disorder if everything is in order.”

    ― Abe Musaibli

    “Do not get married if you are not ready to be faithful.”

    ― Habeeb Akande

    “Respect and compassion are not just qualities that we need to inculcate, they are the foundation that holds humanity together.”

    ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

    “I am calling for uncommon decency. Respect that comes from awareness.”

    ― Cathy Burnham Martin

    “Don’t Beg For Respect, Unless You Have The Ability Of Achieving It”

    ― Rutvik Nanda

    “Don’t Beeg For The Respect, Unless You Have The Ability Of Achieving It”

    ― R.C.Nanda

    “We can only teach what we have learned”

    ― Sandesh Hukpachongbang

    “If you lose your temper, you will also lose some respect.”

    ― Ron Baratono

    “Don’t take things personally. But don’t condone disrespect.”

    ― Izey Victoria Odiase

    “….Possession of qualifications doesn’t mean you are educated.”

    ― Farooq A. Shiekh

    “I Love and respect Broken Hearts- As at-least they can’t act Fake.!”

    ― Diink

    “Humans were not to be toyed with, they were to be respected.”

    ― Melissa de la Cruz

    “Which was what love was: unmotivated respect.”

    ― Toni Morrison

    “You must learn to respect the value of patience.”

    ― Neeraj Singhvi

    “What you breathe in this world may shape you.”

    ― Lorin Morgan-Richards

    “Respect is The Best Way, To Keep Peace on earth”

    ― Md. Yousuf Ali

    “Treat everyone you meet with respect and you’ll have a happy life.”

    ― Marty Rubin

    “Make improvements, not excuses. Seek respect, not attention.”

    ― Roy T. Bennett

    Best Respect Quotes ― B.R. Ambedkar
    Best Respect Quotes ― B.R. Ambedkar

    “Democracy is not merely a form of Government…It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellowmen.”

    ― B.R. Ambedkar

    “Distance is one of the most beautiful forms of respect”

    ― Hervé Guibert

    “Once you lose someone’s respect it is the hardest thing to win back”

    ― Christos Tsiolkas

    “Dependence breeds neither cordiality nor respect. – Pg. 77”

    ― David Hewson

    “Your age doesn’t earn you respect, your behavior does.”

    ― Sanjeev Himachali

    “Silence in the midst of chaos is an art that no man can understand!”

    ― Fahad Basheer

    “Don’t envy people, respect them”

    ― Sunday Adelaja

    “Work gives us dignity and respect”

    ― Sunday Adelaja

    “Respect by fear isn’t respect… it’s fear”

    ― Christina Engela

    “Don’t think less of me as a person because of my profession.”

    ― De philosopher DJ Kyos

    “Rebellion shows too much respect for authority.”

    ― Marty Rubin

    “Find someone who makes even your dull pieces shine.”

    ― HLBalcomb

    “True respect respects all men, it values all people.”

    ― Sunday Adelaja

    “My meaning is, that no man can expect his children to respect what he degrades.”

    ― Charles Dickens

    “Fear ain’t respect—how could I have ever thought it was?”

    ― Peter Liney

    “Authentic love must be founded on reciprocal recognition of two freedoms…”

    ― Simone de Beauvoir

    “We don’t have to like each other. We just need to respect each other.”

    ― Izey Victoria Odiase

    “When we are nice to others, we generally lose all claim to their respect.”

    ― Marcel Proust

    “Love and respect should be reciprocal”

    ― Rashid Jorvee

    “All life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion.”

    ― Anthony Douglas

    “Sometimes respect is as hard a currency as money is”

    ― Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

    “To listen to a person is not passive.”

    ― Elizabeth Strout

    “Respect is free. Keep some for you and give some to others.”

    ― Kevin Keenoo

    “Respect is and not given, respect is earned.”

    ― Beta Metani’ Marashi

    “Loyalty starts with a demonstration of respect and gratitude.”

    ― Chip Bell

    “Whenever i live my Life I Live with HONOR”

    ― Saad Khan

    “For parents, it is important to respect the personality of a child”

    ― Sunday Adelaja

    “The respect you show to others (or lack thereof) is an immediate reflection on your self respect.”

    ― Alex Elle

    “People with no human values are worse than zombies.”

    ― Mohith Agadi

    “The essence of coexistence is quite simple: live and respect how others live.”

    ― Eraldo Banovac

    “I find it a challenge to respect capable people who care only for their own interests.”

    ― Brandon Mull

    “I am a decent man who believes in myself and respects others.”

    ― Saminu Kanti

    “Never laugh at your wife’s choices… you’re one of them”

    ― uzair raza

    “Disrespecting disrespect is not disrespect; it’s a birthright.”

    ― Ben Tolosa

    “Be a team player, not a bandwagon jumper.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “Just married! A bright past is ahead of them!”

    ― Ljupka Cvetanova

    “For her last gasp was a story in itself.”

    ― Raubin Chaudhary

    “Respect is priceless. Earn it every day!”

    ― Frank Sonnenberg

    “Treat each other with respect, even if other people can only look at the COLOR of your eyes.”

    ― Ulysses Brave

    “Don’t you try and go through life worrying about whether somebody likes you or not. You best be making sure they are doing right by you.”

    ― August Wilson

    “Explore, Experience, Then Push Beyond.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “Travel is costly, yes, but it pays dividends too.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “… We are in a system that doesn’t give a rap about sacredness.”

    ― Jean-François Lyotard

    “A man could love only what he respected, not pitied.”

    ― Ninotchka Rosca

    “If they don’t respect you, respect yourself and leave that situation.”

    ― Mohammad

    “Respect is love in action”

    ― Bangambiki Habyarimana

    “Respect by fear isn’t respect… it’s fear.”

    ― Christina Engela

    “Your worth is what you allow it to be.”

    ― Dominic Riccitello

    Best Respect Quotes ― J.K. Rowling
    Best Respect Quotes ― J.K. Rowling

    “You may wear that scar like a crown, Potter, but it is not up to a seventeen-year-old boy to tell me how to do my job! It’s time you learned some respect!’ ‘It’s time you earned it,’ said Harry.”

    ― J.K. Rowling

    “All respect is earned, even self-respect.”

    ― Bohdi Sanders

    “Respect everyone if you want to be respected.”

    ― Debasish Mridha

    “A lack of empathy is the greatest crime of all.”

    ― Aaron Lauritsen

    “I love you, but I’m more in love with myself and that’s the problem.”

    ― Dominic Riccitello

    “If you want to be respected, do something respectful!”

    ― Mehmet Murat ildan

    “A lack of empathy is the biggest crime of all.”

    ― A.S.L.

    “I was nine when I figured out it’s better to be respected than liked.”

    ― A.D. Aliwat

    “Polarization breeds respect.”

    ― A.D. Aliwat

    “Respect fails before love”

    ― Grant Walker

    “Compelled respect always implies fear.”

    ― A.S. Neill

    “If you don’t respect money, it won’t respect you.”

    ― Orrin Woodward

    “It is important to know you are not above or below anyone.”

    ― Unarine Ramaru

    “Respect those who respect you, kick asses who don’t.”


    “People value people who value people.”

    ― Tony Curl

    “Everything of value doesn’t come with a price tag.”

    ― Shefali Batra

    “Everything of value, doesn’t come with a price tag”

    ― Shefali Batra

    “Look carefully at what is of value in others and respect that.”

    ― Amma

    “When admiring other people’s gardens, don’t forget to tend to your own flowers.”

    ― Sanober Khan

    “A real pastor will always show respect for people.”

    ― Pastor Adelaja Sunday

    “Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.”

    ― Auliq Ice

    “The more idealism proves futile, the more I respect idealists.”

    ― Marty Rubin

    “Even enemies are not indifferent to honorable deeds.”

    ― Arrian

    “to be respected be respecting”

    ― Himanshu Arora

    “to be respected be respecting”

    ― akshay paliwal

    “You don’t have to like a man to respect him.”

    ― Janny Wurts

    “Most men are blinded by the words “Bad Bitches” and end settling for less!”

    ― Surgeo Bell

    “Paradise Is The ABSOLUTE Self~Respect.”

    ― Alexia Penteleόn de aRcturi

    “Paradise Is The Absolute Self~Respect.”

    ― Alexia Penteleon de aRcturi

    “Don’t tell a lie to be loved, speak the truth to be hated.”

    ― Michael Bassey Johnson

    “I can teach you how to respect but self-respect is self taught.”

    ― Unarine Ramaru

    “If it’s not on the table, don’t eat it off the floor.”

    ― Melody Carstairs

    “be a woman of confidence and self-respect; give a man a reason worth fighting for.”

    ― Nikki Rowe

    “Seek respect not attention.”

    ― Ben Bereng

    “Having confidence in your obedience, offers yourself confidence and love.”

    ― Auliq Ice

    “I find it hard to respect someone just because they outrank me”

    ― Ender Wiggin

    “Respecting others is the best tool to earn respect.”

    ― Junaid Raza

    “If a woman asks for respect instead of earning it then they are weak.”

    ― Swapnil kumar

    “We can not have a future without respecting our past.”

    ― King Michael of Romania

    “The difference between impossible and possible is a willing heart.”

    ― Lolly Daskal

    “Respect all men but fear none.”

    ― Tylor Ilori

    “People treat you with as much, or as little respect as you allow them to.”

    ― Rachel Hollis

    “whenever the sun is going up, it’s not going down”

    ― Bram Bertels

    “Everything’s Matter. Everything Matters.”

    ― Hassaan Ali

    “When was the last time you got angry at someone treating you with respect?”

    ― Joseph Shrand MD

    “Lack of courtesy is an extreme form of disrespect”

    ― Khaleel Datay

    “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

    ― Ethan Virt

    “It is important how people take you.”

    ― Aporva Kala

    “Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.”

    ― Ziad K. Abdelnour

    “Appreciate her beauty, love her uniqueness and respect her reality.”

    ― M.F. Moonzajer

    “His attention means nothing if you don’t have his respect.”

    ― Stephan Labossiere

    “It’s more useful to have someone fear you than respect you.”

    ― J. Cornell Michel

    “It’s nice to be liked, but it’s better to be respected.”

    ― Habeeb Akande

    “Respect your dream.”

    ― Jill Williamson

    “To love is to respect.”

    ― Mary Mihalic

    “Don’t talk much and save your dignity.”

    ― Ashraf Ali 

    “One can show no greater respect than to weep for a stranger.”

    ― José Saramago

    “What we do to others, we do to ourselves..”

    ― Bryant McGill

    “Love and respect changes everything.”

    ― Bryant McGill

    “A respectful woman is a righteous woman.”

    ― Habeeb Akande

    “Feeling sorry for yourself is a universal solvent of salvation.”

    ― Paul Hoffman

    “Respect the dead, learn from them, do not follow or avenge them.”

    ― Evan Meekins

    “Respect doesn’t come without a little resentment.”

    ― Neal Shusterman

    “Tread the path one has walked, before stoning them!”

    ― Deeba Salim Irfan

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    “Respect is primary.”

    ― Terry Tempest Williams



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