Best Sorry Quotes!With Images! (2021 Collection)


    Best Sorry Quotes

    “A sorry apology can add insult to injury.”

    ― Frank Sonnenberg

    Best Sorry Quotes
    Best Sorry Quotes

    “Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.”

    ― Rachel Vincent

    “Never apologize, mister, it’s a sign of weakness.”

    ― John Wayne

    “I’m sorry no one saved you.”

    ― Maggie Stiefvater

    Best Sorry Quotes with images

    Best Quotes For Her
    Best Quotes For Her

    “Being safe doesn’t mean you won’t be sorry.”

    ― Katerina Stoykova Klemer

    “Don’t feel sorry for no one if they don’t feel sorry for you”

    ― Christian Omar Ortiz

    “He was sick of saying sorry so he said Goodbye!”

    ― Nitya Prakash
    Saying Sorry Quotes
    Saying Sorry Quotes

    “I feel sorry for everyone in this town who’s sleeping.”

    ― Jennifer Niven

    “The trouble is, I’m sorry doesn’t power anything. It drags you down.”

    ― Sophie Kinsella

    “Tears are the material out of which heaven weaves a rainbow”

    ― Frederick Brotherton Meyer

    “Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die.”

    ― Rick Riordan

    I Am Sorry Quotes For Hunting You
    I Am Sorry Quotes For Hunting You

    “Sorry IF I offended you.… you should said more early about it.”

    ― Deyth Banger

    “I am not sorry neither. I’d have thee live, for in my tense ’tis happiness to die.”

    ― William Shakespeare

    “If you fall in love with a writer, I’m sorry!”

    ― Nitya Prakash

    “This Fucking Idiot Apologize For Everything”

    ― Nihal Aame

    “Never feel sorry for not being whatever people want you to be.”

    ― Nitya Prakash

    “Expectations hurt, be it sorry, be it thank you.”

    ― Vikrmn

    “He better call Becky with the good hair.”

    ― Beyoncé Knowles

    “You do not have a mission when you try to copy my way of bringing a message by a sharp vision. Sorry not Sorry.”

    ― Petra Hermans

    “The longer you hold onto an apology, the harder it is to give.”

    ― David Arnold

    “Some of the people we feel sorry for feel sorry for us for thinking that they are the ones who should be felt sorry for.”

    ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    Funny Sorry Quotes
    Funny Sorry Quotes

    “Sorry’ isn’t a synonym for ‘guilty.’ It’s a way to say you’re listening.”

    ― Martina Boone

    “You believe you could not live with the pain. Such pain is not lived with. It is only endured. I am sorry.”

    ― Erin Morgenstern

    “Sorry, but at first yeah all lie, but you forgot to say that the truth comes from the lies. (Especially for GreenHollyWood)”

    ― Deyth Banger

    “What do you want from me? Revenge? Sorry—we’re all out of revenge today!”

    ― Clifford Odets

    “Oh, oh, oh I’m so sorry for you… but the real truth is that you made this happen.

    Best way to say sorry in text
    Best way to say sorry in text

    “To be sorry you hurt me is not enough for me to forgive you.”

    ― Adi Alsaid

    “The first reaction is surely the most natural one, but not always the most correct one; thereupon, the invention of apologies.”

    ― Criss Jami

    “It’s too late for sorries, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

    ― Neil Gaiman

    “Nothing says you’re sorry like a dead bunny.”

    ― Patricia Briggs

    “A conscience without regrets ~ to live life without having to say you’re sorry.”

    ― E.A. Bucchianeri

    “Better paranoid then sorry.”

    ― James Patterson

    “Love forgives and keeps no records of wrongs .”

    ― Lailah Gifty Akita

    “I really miss him. I miss him so much. And I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for everything.”

    ― Marie Lu

    “Be the hero of hearts; learn to say I’m sorry.”

    ― Richelle E

    “Sometimes we learn the most about forgiveness when we realize how desperately we need it ourselves.”

    ― Glad Munaiseche

    “People with responsibility and people without responsibility are sorry for each other.”

    ― Amit Kalantri

    “I’m sorry.’ The two most inadequate words in the English language.”

    ― Beth Revis

    “Tell me you’re sorry. Tell me you don’t hate me enough to hurt me this way.”

    ― Chelsea Pitcher

    “This was one of the little ways in which he said sorry. They were meant to add up each day.”

    ― Zadie Smith

    “If the crow has to be shoved down your throat; maybe you should just let it fly.”

    ― Colette Ruland Parrino

    “One deep breath, one last step and out into oblivion where death held out its arms into a welcoming embrace.”

    ― Stephen Craig

    “Feeling sorry for yourself is a universal solvent of salvation.”

    ― Paul Hoffman

    “…futility is being sorry while doing nothing to remove the cause …”

    ― John Geddes

    “People who know that they are wrong and still don’t feel sorry are those who never learn.”

    ― Shreya Gupta

    I'm sorry note
    I’m sorry note

    “There are things sorry can not fix but to correct the errors made.”

    ― Akinwumi jarule

    “There will always be a moment to feel sorry for the mistakes, but indeed it is not today.”

    ― M.F. Moonzajer

    An apology? Bah! Disgusting! Cowardly! Beneath the dignity of any gentleman, however wrong he might be.

    – Steve Martin

    An apology might help, but you can change your life without one.

    – Robin Quivers

    Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

    – Bruce Lee

    I'm sorry note
    I’m sorry note

    I’m sorry, if you were right, I’d agree with you.

    – Robin Williams

    sorry quotes with images

    I'm sorry quotes
    I’m sorry quotes

    To err is human, to forgive divine…

    – Alexander Pope

    You must tell me who I might have hurt. I have to write them an apology.

    – Vivien Leigh

    I feel like this is a dream—I apologize for how I dressed some of you.

    – Ray Romano

    An apology is the super-glue of life. It can repair just about anything.

    – Lynn Johnston

    If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.

    – Muhammad Ali

    The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology.

    – Red Auerbach

    A businessman is the only man who is forever apologizing for his occupation.

    – Gilbert K. Chesterton

    If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.

    – Grace Hopper

    Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.

    – Rachel Vincent

    I'm sorry quotes
    I’m sorry quotes

    Friends are God’s apology for relations.

    – Hugh Kingsmill

    Apologizing – a very desperate habit – one that is rarely cured.

    – Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Apology is only egotism wrong side out.

    – Oliver Wendell Holmes

    A hero is someone we can admire without apology.

    – Kitty Kelley

    sorry quotes image for friend
    sorry quotes image for friend

    Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

    – Paul Boese

    But sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emotions. True sorrow is as rare as true love.

    – Stephen King

    Love forgives and keeps no records of wrongs.

    – Lailah Gifty Akita

    True friends stab you in the front.

    – Oscar Wilde

    I love you and I always will and I am sorry. What a useless word.

    – Ernest Hemingway

    Let us forgive each other—only then will we live in peace.

    – Leo Tolstoy

    An apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.

    – Margaret Lee Runbeck

    Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

    – Kimberly Johnson

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    saying sorry quotes

    An apology is a good way to have the last word.

    – Unknown

    sorry quotes in English
    sorry quotes in English

    You can’t stay mad at this face…can you?

    – Unknown

    Never ruin an apology with an excuse.

    – Benjamin Franklin

    sorry quotes in English
    sorry quotes in English

    Never make a defense or an apology until you are accused.

    – King Charles I

    Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so you apologize for the truth.

    – Benjamin Disraeli

    Sorry doesn’t prove anything unless you mean it.

    – Ashley Sexton

    said by great author

    sorry quotes in English
    sorry quotes in English

    “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

    – Jack Kerouac


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