celebrating raksha bandhan

celebrating raksha bandhan
celebrating raksha bandhan

Raksha BAndhan is one of the famous festival among the Hindu religion.It is celebrated mostly in India, and Nepal and some parts of Indian Subcontinent. It is very special for every sister’s and brother’s, Raksha Bandhan means the bond of protection.This year raksha bandhan will be celebrated on 3rd August on Monday 2020. I think this year will be no fun due to the spread of cronavirus. what do you think please tell me in the comment box.

On this day auspicious occasion day of Raksha Bandhan. Specially teenagers are very excited on this day, They all wear new dress on this day. The sister all of ages tie rakhi to their brother’s wrist while brother promises her to protect in any circumstance and help also give them gift in return. The festival is about good protection from evil 

History Of Celibrating Raksha Bandhan

In earlier time the raksha bandhan is mainly  celebrated for protection.there are some different types of story and legend in  hindu mythology 

Santoshi maa. Lord Ganesha had two sons, named subh and labh. They had no sister to tie rakhi. They both requested his father (lord ganesha) to bring a sister who would tie rakhi to them. Finally lord Ganeshe created Santoshi maa who tied rakhi to their sons.     

 Indra dev and Indrani. Once there was a fierce battle between the gods and the demon. Lord Indra fights on the side of the god. It was very difficult to win from the powerful demon. The war continued for a long time. Seeing this, Indra’s wife Indrani went to Lord Vishnu there and told her everything about the war and Lord Vishnu gave her a holy thread made up of cotton. She then tied the holy thread on her husband’s wrist. Lord Indra defeated the demon  and recovered the amaravati.

Goddess Lakshmi. When Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from the demon king Bali, he asked to stay beside him in the palace. Lord Vishnu agreed and started living in his palace. Seeing this. Goddess Lakshmi went to the king Bali and tied the holy  thread on Bali’s wrist.When king Bali asked what she wanted in return.  She then asked to free her husband and let him return to vaikuntha. 

Krishn and draupadi.  On the festival of makar sankranti, Krishna cut his little finger when he was carrying a sugercane. Seeing this, Krishna’s wife Rukmini sent Sathyabama to bring a bandage but it was too late.  seeing this Draupadi tore off a part of her sari and bandaged his finger. In return Krishna promised to protect her in any circumstance.

Krishna and daurapadi
Krishna and daurapadi

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Buying of Rakhi 

Before the coming of Raksha Bandhan. Sisters  roam around in the markets to buy rakhi for their brothers.  All The shops are decorated with colourful  rakhi, they look out of beautiful rakhi in the form of colourful threads. Also they used to buy different types of sweets  in the market and at the same time brother’s also buy beautiful gifts for their sister’s.  

Steps Of Raksha Bandhan

Some people used to make mistake while celebrating Raksha Bandhan and I will tell you how to decorates plates in raksha bandhan. Here’s the tips

  • Step 1. Take a beautiful decorated plates keep on the table or anywhere else.
  • Step 2. Add some beautiful flowers and decorate on the side of the plates.
  • Steps 3. Keep a Deepak on the plates with oil and light it up.
  • Steps 4. Add some chandan and mix with oil also add some rice that we called
    (atchhat )
  • Steps 5. keep a beautiful rakhi on the side of the plate.

Now I will tell you how to tie rakhi to your brother’s wrist so that your brothers will impress with you and will give you an expensive gift.

  • Steps 1. wear a beautiful new dress and go to your brothers
  • Steps 2. Apply Tilak on his forehead and little bit rice
  • Step 3. do (arti)
  • Steps 4 Tie rakhi on your brother’s wrist.
  • Steps 5. Give him sweet to eat.


I am concluding with this post about raksha bandhan. On this occasion day of raksha bandhan I also very excited to binds rakhi to my brothers and my brothers are stingy and they never give me gifts and “Do your brother like my brother”? who never give in return? If it then write in the comment box and I hope you will read my post and share with your siblings

Thank you!👍👍👍👍

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raksha bandhan cards

raksha bandhan


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