Wedding Message: Exciting Suggestions for You to Send


Wedding Wishes Message: How to find the right words to address to a couple who are living in the most magical moment of their lives? Sometimes we have to write wedding messages, either on the internet or on a wedding card, and the inspiration doesn’t come.

In this article, we have selected creative and inspiring messages to celebrate such a special day. Send one of these sentences or reflections and thrill everyone!

Cheers! Short Wedding Message

Sometimes less is more. Bet on a short, energetic message for the couple:

Best wishes on this enchanting journey as you build your new lives together.

Congratulations on the union! More Wedding Messages

True love never wears out.  The more you give the more you have.    

True love never wears out. The more you give the more you have.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It is a pleasure to be able to witness this unique moment of your lives. Know that I am hoping, soul and heart, that your love will be eternal and unshakable.

What can be more beautiful than two hearts becoming one, guided by the greatest feeling in the universe? Anything! Congratulations on your union!

Getting married is like studying theatre. May there always be more comedy than melodrama.

Congratulations to the couple! Wedding message to the bride and groom

Take the date to show your affection for the newlyweds and pamper them with wishes for happiness and wise advice:

Take care of each other, because from now on you are united forever.  Congratulations for the wedding!    

Take care of each other, because from now on you are united forever. Congratulations for the wedding!

It is a blessing to find true love and share your dreams with someone. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

What a wonderful couple! I am extremely happy to witness the birth of true love today. I feel it with every piece of my heart. Congratulations on the wedding!

Much love and happiness to you on this exciting and joyful day for our family.

Seeing you both making promises and building a future is so inspiring and wonderful! Congratulations!

Wedding Message to Friends

Attending the wedding of two friends is a double joy. Be sure to underline how important both are to you:

Seeing two people I love getting married so much is an inexplicable sense of happiness.    

Seeing two people I love getting married so much is an inexplicable sense of happiness. Thank God you met! Always take care of each other and count on my friendship for everything!

May this new life that you are beginning today multiply the smiles, the hugs and the blessings. Congratulations, my dear friends!

We already share so many laughs! May you always laugh together! May they be great friends too.

My heart almost bursts with joy when I look at both of you! I wish you all the best this world can give! Congratulations on the wedding!

Remember that love is a daily exercise and should be cultivated every day through small gestures. May your marriage be filled with joy, sharing and a good mood!

Wedding Message to Friend

One of the most beautiful dates of our lives can be the wedding of a great friend, who was always by our side at all times. Be sure to show gratitude and support on her special day.

Congratulations on your wedding!  May your dreams come together and together build a beautiful future.    

Congratulations on your wedding! May your dreams come together and together build a beautiful future.

Friend, a person like you deserves the best of this life. Congratulations and best wishes for the wedding!

My good friend, how happy and how proud to be able to participate in your big day. I always knew you were going to find your happy ending. Congratulations on the wedding, you deserve all the best!

We all need someone to love, care and trust. I’m so glad my best friend found this special person. Congratulations on the wedding!

God bless you! Religious Marriage Message

In these days of celebration, it is essential that we look to heaven and thank:

We love because He first loved us. May God bless your marriage! But above all, put on love, which is the perfect link.

Colossians Colossians 3:14

God bless you on this day with a life of shared love and joy. Love is patient, it is kind. Love is all sorry, all belief, all hopes, all bear.

I Cor. 13.4-7-8

May God grant you all the blessings of life and the joys of love.

Wedding Message to Sister

When our sister goes home, emotions are in full bloom. Sometimes we are so moved that words are lacking to express our pride and the happiness we are feeling at that moment.

To my sister who found love: May, your marriage be the first day of many years of happiness.

From a young age you dream about this moment and I always knew I’d be here to hold you. Happy marriage to my dear sister and her great love!

Best wishes to my best friend and sister and also to my new brother as you begin your life together.

Will marry? Wedding Message to Husband

How about marking your wedding day with a declaration of love, public or private, to your future husband? He will love it!

Today I will realize my biggest dream: marry the most affectionate, intelligent and charming man I have ever met.    

Today I will realize my biggest dream: marry the most affectionate, intelligent and charming man I have ever met.

I feel they sent me here with a more than special mission: to make you happy!

I want to thank you for never giving up on me or our love. Today I know that the bond that binds us together will never be broken. I love you.

Thank you for being my husband and filling my soul with joy. You are so much more than the man of my dreams: you are the man of my life.

The happiest moments of my life outside your side. Best of all, our future is just beginning …

Will marry? Wedding Message to Wife

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The wedding day is always busy and busy, but it gives time to surprise your future wife with a very romantic declaration of love.

I’ve won every battle to get to you and I promise to keep fighting for us all my life.  I love you, my wife!    

I’ve won every battle to get to you and I promise to keep fighting for us all my life. I love you, my wife!

You give me the strength and courage to overcome any obstacle and pursue our dreams. How proud to know that you are my mate today and forever.

The future is uncertain but one thing I know: I will be on your side forever!

Everyone is happy today but no one but … I’m marrying the woman of my life! Lucky me!

Today marks the beginning of our marriage and a new life that we will build. My love for you only increases with time.

Happily Ever After: Wedding Invitation Phrases    

A marriage is always a moment of great happiness and excitement that we want to share with the most important people in our lives. It is therefore not always easy to find the right words to announce our happiness and unity.

We have selected phrases, texts, poems and messages to make your wedding invitation even more romantic and unforgettable.

Wedding Invitation Phrases: Beautiful and Different

All we know about love is that love is all there is.

Emily Dickinson

Sometimes we find sentences so deep that they seem to explain perfectly what we are feeling. Here are short, meaningful phrases to declare to the world your “happily ever after.”

To love is to find one’s happiness in the happiness of others.

Wilhelm Leibniz
phrases on wedding

From the sparkle in their eyes, since the beginning of time, people recognize their true love.

Paulo Coelho

At the bottom of every soul are hidden treasures that only love allows to discover.

Édouard Rod
quotes of wedding

Love is the most abstract and also the most potent force in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Love is a light that does not let life darken.

Camilo Castelo Branco
wedding phrases

Marriage must be a mutual and infinite education.

Henri Amiel

Behind the poetry of love comes the prose of marriage.

Camilo Castelo Branco

Love is the best godfather of marriage, and reciprocal esteem is your most faithful friend.

Paolo Mantegazza

Religious / Biblical Phrases for Wedding Invitation

To celebrate the union of two souls, how about placing a religious phrase or a Bible verse on your wedding invitation?

The measure of love is love without measure.

St. Augustine

Love is patient, it is kind. Love is all sorry, all believe, all hopes, all bear. Love will never end!

I Cor. 13.4-7-8
wedding quotes

When do I rest? Rest in love.

Mother Teresa

But above all, put on love, which is the perfect link.

Colossians 3:14

So there are two more, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has united, let not man put asunder.

Matthew 19: 6

And though he had the gift of prophecy and knew all mysteries and all knowledge, and though he had all faith, so that he might carry mountains, and have no love, he would be nothing.

Corinthians 13: 2

Wedding Invitation Song Phrases

Many couples have a favourite song, a kind of relationship soundtrack. Haven’t found yours yet? We have some suggestions.

Just for the record, all my love is yours!
Mallu Magalhães

Just as living without love is not living, there is no you without me and I do not exist without you.
Vinicius de Moraes

A dream you dream of is just a dream. A dream that is dreamed together is a reality.
Raul Seixas

And everyone says that he completes it and vice versa, like beans and rice.
urban Legion

If I didn’t love you that much
Maybe I wouldn’t see flowers
Where I saw it
Inside my heart
Ivete Sangalo

Wedding Invitation Texts Deduction

They will never end love,
nor sweeps,
nor distance.
It’s proven,
Here I solemnly lift
my thousand-finger stanza
and take the oath:
I love
and truly.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

If you and your partner love poetry or are fans of passionate little breath-taking gestures, why not put a few verses or a literary piece into your wedding invitation? The guests will love it and you will internalize these words as a synonym for your love.
Love learns by loving

Being seeks the other being, and knowing it
finds the reason for being, already divided.
They are two in one: love, sublime seal
that gives life colour, grace and meaning.
Carlos Drummond de Andrade

My destiny
In the palms of your hands I
read the lines of my life.
Crossing, winding lines
interfering with your destiny.
I didn’t look for you, you didn’t look for me –
we were going alone on different roads.

Indifferent, we crossed

Passes with the burden of life…

I ran to meet you.

Smile. We talk

That day was marked

with the white stone

of a fish’s head.

And since then we have walked

together through life…

Cora Corallina

To love is to change the soul of the house.    

To love is to change the soul of the house, to

have our thoughts on the other.

To love is to have a heart that burns, to

love, is to have a cherish in life.

To love is to change the soul of the house, to

have our thoughts in the other.

To love is what underlies,

is to have commitment.

To love is to fly without a wing,

and because to love is welcome, to

love is to change the soul of the house.

Mario Quintana

When love signals you, follow him; though their ways are hard and rugged. And when their wings envelop you, give yourselves up; though the sword hidden in its plumage may strike you.

Khalil Gibran

The moment I heard my first love story,

I started searching for you, hardly knowing

how blind I was.

Lovers are not finally anywhere.

They have always been inside each other.


Marriage is not the union of two perfect people, born to each other, but the union of two persons who understand each other, who accept each other, and who for love’s sake always wish to be better for each other.

Augusto Branco

Love is intensity; It does not offer us eternity but vivacity, this minute when the doors of time and space are parted: here it is there, and now it is always. In love everything is two and everything tends to be one.

Octavio Paz

A marriage does not last the time of our day

A marriage, the

fruit of true feeling,

does not know what time

has the essence of eternity

– It lasts beyond life!

Augusto Branco

Somehow today

I always want to marry you …

For me this love is different,

Not past paper,

It’s present paper love.

Elisa Lucinda

Wedding Invitation Messages

If you want to speak directly to the heart of your friends and family, you can also choose to reflect on and thrill messages about the importance of love and the magic of marriage.

Love is the poetry of the senses. Or is sublime, or does not exist. When it exists, it exists forever and it grows day by day.

Honoré de Balzac

Getting married is making sure that you wake up every day and find a new reason to fall in love with the same person.

Augusto Branco

I love how love loves. I know no other reason to love than to love. What do you want me to tell you, besides that, I love you if I want to tell you that I love you?

Fernando Pessoa
wedding wish

A happy marriage is and will remain the most important voyage of discovery that man can ever undertake.

Soren Kierkegaard

Engagement Invitation Phrases

Love how the road begins.

Mario Cesariny

Engagement is the first step in a beautiful journey for two. What to put on the invitation to shout your happiness to the seven winds? We have some suggestions.

Love, because nothing is better for your health than unrequited love.

Vinicius de Moraes

There is only one law in love: to make happy one who loves.


Love is the subtlest force in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

True love never wears out. The more you give the more you have.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There is always some madness in love. But there’s always some reason in madness.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Whatever matter our souls are made of, mine and his are the same …

Emily Brontë

True love is the joy of life.

John Clarke

Wedding Phrases Every Groom Should Read Before Getting Married    

The big day is coming! Anxiety, nervousness, joy, fear, doubts… To help calm the nerves (or make them more agitated), we have separated some messages every groom should read before going to the altar!

wedding phrases

The main factor that will make the couple move toward marriage must already exist before it is even realized: the union.

  1. A couple that is not truly united and a partner will probably never be able to build a happy marriage.
  2. How to fight an enemy called “routine”?
  3. After some time together it’s normal for you to create a routine (and that’s normal and healthy!), but don’t let her take care of your whole relationship!
  4. Your marriage should be like a staircase where the steps never end… Take your partner’s hand and keep exploring, discovering and climbing!
  5. There is no perfect husband!
  6. There is no perfect human being, much less a husband! And one of the things that can ruin a marriage is that the other person will always be perfect!
  7. Always remember that respect and sincerity are the main ingredients for any relationship and the closest they will come to perfection.
  8. The math is simple: add and multiply!
  9. When a couple uses themselves based on true love, the desire for growth is mutual. Grow not only as a couple but as individual human beings. Marriage must highlight the best qualities of each person!
  10. We talk and repeat: Being sincere and companion with your loved one is the foundation for a happy marriage!
  11. If you feel that one of these qualities is lacking in your relationship, you may want to think twice about getting married…
  12. Unite, but without forgetting each other’s individuality!
  13. Shakespearean Dramatist’s apart… With years of living together, it is normal for you to add some characteristics of your partner’s personality to yours.
  14. But, as has been said, couples must complement each other! Don’t make your personality obfuscate or nullify that of a partner, for example.
  15. The best godfather you could have… You will not find a better “groomsman” for your wedding than LOVE! For a happy marriage, use and abuse our valuable “friend”!
  16. A wedding is a wonderful voyage of discovery!
  17. As much as you know each other, daily living and the years you spend together will allow you to discover new things every day that will make the other person love you even more!
  18. On that day you start writing your story!
  19. It may seem a bit pessimistic, but what Mr. Wilde meant is that with marriage the time has come to build your story, like a book that you will now write together!

A lifetime marriage!wedding phrases    

Is not it pretty? Marriage is understanding, acceptance, love and mutual respect! If you think you are ready to take this important step in your relationship, we only have one more tip: BE HAPPY!
Oh, and look forward to the party invitation!

The date of the wedding anniversary is the time to celebrate the happiness of walking side by side with a special person, building a path of respect and love. 

Whether you are newlyweds or lovers of decades, we want your honour to be remembered. For that, we have selected beautiful wedding anniversary messages that can thrill any heart. 

Celebrating marriage with husband

A message for the husband who can express the thrill of such a special date: you can be inspired to write your own, or share one of ours with your own touch ♥ ️

Marriage is when we continue to produce happy memories, even when our own are getting lost. Love you forever! 

A happy marriage is not made of a perfect couple, but of an imperfect couple who can respect and enjoy their differences. That’s why I love you! 

My love, the moment you came into the life I knew that everything would change forever and happiness would become every day by your side. I am very happy to be able to celebrate another special date by your side. I love you today and forever. 

I know you would be my choice if you could go back in time one, two or a thousand times. I can’t think of a better husband, friend, lover and companion for my journey. Congratulations to us for another year of love! 

Messages For Wedding Anniversary    

My love, you are not only the person who completes me but the person who highlights my best half. I love you. 

Another year that we strengthened our unity, planned our steps, rejoiced in the victories, and leaned on small failures. Without you, none of this would be possible so completely. I love you. 

Celebrating another year by your side means reaffirming our success as a couple, friends and partners. I believe in us and thank you for bringing home daily happiness. I love you. 

A special toast to our day! Our time to remember all the good things we live and to plan the next steps toward fullness. I know that the strength of our love will allow us to soar higher and higher. I love you more every day! 

Waking up by your side even on grey days and knowing that I will be fine simply because we are together for me is more than proof that our marriage works. May the forever belong to us! Love you very much. 

Happy wedding anniversary, my beautiful wife! 

We know that most women enjoy a public display of affection, beautiful words and expressions of love. A wedding anniversary is one of the good opportunities to please your wife! 

When we come to the end of our lives together, all we own will be nothing close to the fact that we have each other. I love you so much. 

I married my best friend. There is no way not to smile every day thinking about it. It is with her that I live well, with whom I dream and realize. Thank you, my love, for allowing me to be the luckiest person in the world! 

My angel, today we complete another year of smiles with brief intervals of sadness, as is absolutely normal. For me, knowing that I can count on you at every step is what makes me come home in love every day and say I love you. If heaven exists, I have a piece of it in you. Happy wedding anniversary! 

My beautiful, this is the day when I put into words everything I feel every day when I stop to watch you near me. Even your way of fighting me fascinates me. I love every gesture, every part of your body, every victory of yours that inspires me and breathes me forward. Our wedding is definitely the best part of my day. I love you! 

My love, thank you for giving me another year of smiles, achievements and learning. You are my everything! Love you forever. 

Another year of marriage, intoxicating you with generous hints of friendship and affection. Want more what? You make Me Feel so good! 

When we spend all day thinking about the person and can not wait to find her, even living together for so long, is a sign that the marriage worked, right? Thank you for that. Happy day to us! 

You’re not a big girl just for the amazing beauty, grace and competence in everything you do. She is also a woman for being the most devoted, loving, and right wife I could have, yet not letting her essence gets lost. Thank you for letting me be with you for another year, I learn a lot from you and love you every minute of my day. 

Message to friend’s wedding anniversary

So that couple of friends of yours is celebrating the union. Show that you remember them, that you believe in their relationship, and that you enjoy being part of this harmonious marriage. 

I am happy to see in your eyes the joy of having the company of a special person who loves and respects you. I hope that still many years of love and achievements will come. Congratulations!

When two friends decide to get married, the result is the one that is on your smile. May it be eternal as long as it lasts and lasts forever!

It seems like yesterday that I saw you two starting a relationship of affection and complicity. It is a privilege for me to closely follow such joy and companionship. You make a beautiful couple and I wish you all the best on this wedding anniversary. Love you! 

You are that couple that inspires others to be better, to be more caring, caring and caring for each other. May they still celebrate many birthdays together and remain in love for many, many more years. Happy wedding anniversary! 

Today is a special day for your family! A day to celebrate another year of love, of vows of joy, respect and commitment. Glad I can follow the flourish of this story and wish more years of friendship, happiness and love. May the flame never go out! Happy wedding anniversary. 

My dear friends, you are proof that what is true remains intact with when love is the foundation. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and many years of happiness ahead! 

Short and beautiful wedding anniversary messages: sometimes one sentence says it all! 

If you need a shorter, more practical, funnier message to celebrate your wedding anniversary, that’s it. Below we create unique messages that can inspire you with a statement and surely put a smile on your love’s face! 

You’ve been amazing all these years: I know that in your arms I can be happy from here to eternity. Love you, my love. 

Thank you for giving a completely new and fulfilling meaning in my life: my love, my husband, my best friend. Happy Birthday! 

Yes, I am one of the few I can say that I won the lottery. I married a wingless angel and I am the luckiest man in the world for that. I love you. 

When I first saw you, I knew our hearts belonged to the same place. You are my passion, my motivation, my protection and affection. Happy wedding anniversary. 

You only have to look at me so that my body and soul know that I was made for you. Many years of happiness await us, my love! 

My love, I love you because you know that marriage is the relationship where one is always right and the other is the husband. Thank you for another year of this amazing partnership! 

I love you because you treat me like every day is our wedding anniversary. Long live our love! 

On that special day, I want you to know that I love filling your patience and can’t wait to do it for the rest of my life. I love you! 

I wish the years pass only to further consolidate your love. Happy wedding anniversary! 

Staying in love is one of the most difficult tasks of marriage, and I am proud to see you complete this part of the union with great success. Best wishes to the couple! 

Today is a day to celebrate yesterday’s memories, today’s joys, and tomorrow’s victories. May they be many! Happy wedding anniversary. 

They say love is the friendship that has caught fire. You are my favourite lighter! Happy Wedding Anniversary ♥ ️

Celebrating a parents wedding anniversary with beautiful messages 

Hard to find anything prettier than your own parents celebrating a few more years of marriage. Children are proof that love has worked, and this date deserves to be celebrated in style by the family, beginning with the messages. 

My dear parents, thanks to you today I am here and can congratulate you for another successful year of marriage. Thank you for the beautiful family you have formed and many more years of happiness in this union. 

My parents, I feel it is a privilege to be the fruit of such a beautiful relationship. Even when the sun did not open and difficulties entered our home, you knew that unity would be able to overcome any obstacle. I hope one day to build a relationship as beautiful as you have. Happy wedding anniversary. 

Needless to say, you are my favourite couple, right? Not only for everything they have achieved together but for the way they deal with the details. As they know how to offer support and affection without saying much. I still wish many years of this happy relationship. Love you!

Mother and Father, there is no greater inspiration in life than you, who throughout all these years has never made me doubt love. You have taught me that this feeling is above all and works miracles. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you every day to be happier. Thanks for everything. 

If I am an emotionally secure person today and value love and companionship, this is due to the most amazing couple in the world: my parents. Congratulations on another year of marriage and may the forever come! 

I want to share with the world that a successful marriage is possible, and the example of this is my parents. There were mistakes and successes, sad and happy moments, yes, but never lacked love. May the sparkle in your eyes never fade. You are everything in my life! 

Wedding Anniversary of a Blessed Couple: Bible and Gospel Messages

One bible verse says that “above all, put on love, which is the perfect link.” And isn’t it? To celebrate a blessed union, we have some beautiful messages that believe God is the key to the success of your marriage. 

With faith in the Lord, I will have you with me in all my tomorrows, for this ensures that mine today is glorious. I love you!

Thanks to you I’m living the best days of my life, thanks to you I have the best company, thanks to you I’m happier, but THANK GOD all this is possible. May He continue to bless our relationship for many, many years. 

Today we celebrate more than a marriage, one more union that God has fostered and blessed. We are a happy couple who believe in and serve Him, and I know that nothing can separate us as long as we stay on this path. I love you! 

Our lives come together in holy marriage, our days blessed with love and care, our healthy, well-bred children, everything we build together under God’s eyes works. Happy wedding anniversary, my love, and many years of walking for us with the strength and blessing of the Lord.

It is easy to say that what God united man does not separate, but you can prove daily that this is possible in reality. Happy wedding anniversary!  

God does everything right: He has coated our relationship of stone, which is never broken and inside filled with love that makes our hearts united every minute. May the forever come! I love you. 

My love, on this wedding anniversary I just want to thank God for our unity, for our family, for our ability to overcome obstacles and build a path of light and joy. I hope to get smiles on your face every day. I love you. 

It is a pride for me to celebrate another special date by your side. We know that our marriage takes place in the daily joys and sorrows, and what matters most is that we are willing to face it all together. Thank you for the usual partnership! 

The faith that holds us together is the faith that enables us to walk a path of light and joy. God willing, I want to share my whole life with you.  

Life is made up of good and bad times. Take great advantage of the good and be united to overcome the bad. This builds a lasting and happy marriage!

May all the dreams you share come true. May this new life be one of love, peace and joy so that you may enjoy the happiness you have so longed for. Congratulations!

May harmony and happiness walk the path of this union of love and complicity. Congratulations!

I want to congratulate the couple for this moment so sublime that is the union between two people who love each other.

May you be covered with blessings, happiness, and full harmony, and may the journey of this new life always be paths of flowers and hope for you, and the constitution of a new family always within the purest happiness.

Congratulations on this very important and great step in your life and that today and always you are very happy.

These are our true and sincere wishes to the couple.

I wish a happy marriage and that the dreams you both share will come true, united for the new life, be it only of love, peace and joy so that you can enjoy the happiness so dreamed.

At last this wedding left! And we are very happy about it. We hope you will continue to be just that, united, companions and, above all, happy.

Congratulations and best wishes!

It only takes a few minutes to make a wedding, but half a century is expected to hold a golden wedding…

50 years ago you joined together for the marriage bonds and all this long time shared together joys, sadness, so much.

Loving and living with your spouse requires determination and daily practice… It requires surrendering yourself to the welfare of the other.

Well, now you’re ready to start another fifty years… And I want to be here so I can wish you the greatest happiness in the world again.


May this marriage be the best translation for joy, happiness and love. Congratulations!

Love, a year has passed. It seems a lot longer, but today we do Paper Wedding. It’s funny, but it symbolizes our union before God and men. I feel a complete person by your side. I love you always, and every day more.

The union of two people always shows that something sublime, perfect, sensitive and eternal still exists. We hope you will be very happy, overcoming the bad times and living the good ones with intensity.

May happiness for two continues to be the main purpose of their lives. May the journey be long, full of love and understanding. I sincerely wish you all the best.

A new life: twice as strong in every way.

Do not date to get married. Marry to date forever.

This day deserves a special toast. May happiness always be very close to you. And may your love for each other grow stronger every day. Congratulations on the link!

May the journey that begins be full of love, happiness, affection and complicity. Congratulations to the new couple!

To the most beautiful bride and groom in the world, all the love in the world. Cheers!

Today you are celebrating a very special day, one that you never forget… never fades from memory… the wedding anniversary.
So much trouble you have faced in life… So much fight you have won together. This is a demonstration of love, affection, perseverance… It took a lot of courage to overcome everything you have won, everything you have gone through… This is a great example of life, of true feeling you have for each other.
And on this beautiful and joyful day, which you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, I want to wish you all the most excellent in your lives, very successful and that this marriage will last for many eternities.
Congratulations… It’s my sincere wish.
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary.
Best wishes to you.

We were happy to have made the important decision to get engaged. A step of responsibility and a serious commitment.
Engagement is a serious commitment, a rehearsal for a life of two, where each one, in the best possible way, tries to enjoy the experience of the other, adapting to the day to day, the changes that come, and you have everything to act on. to stay together and reach the altar very soon.
We wish the newlyweds the best of luck in their new commitment, it is good to see them so happy.
God bless you for the right decision.
Congratulations to newlyweds!

Happy Honeymoon Trip
And the dream came true, by saying yes they began a new life. They need to say nothing, the sparkle in their eyes and their smile speak of the great happiness, the emotion that grips their hearts.
Now they are leaving for the honeymoon, eager to be alone, enveloped in the flame of love, which freedom will spill over. They will be moments of intimacy, of mutual knowledge, of great significance for a life of two full of joy and achievement.
I wish you all the best in this world. The new time begins now, enjoy every minute and let the honeymoon not only last a few days but be a daily exercise to consolidate this union.

Be happy.

Golden Wedding
So God could speak to a couple who complete their golden wedding:
You are my dears. One day you were born. They had dreams. I created them myself. I put inside you this desire to love each other. I put germs of life into their bodies.
Love mingled with fecundity and you bore children and your children gave you grandchildren. And life has passed.
I followed your story step by step. I was present at the time of yes. My strength was at work in the hardships of life. I saw that you associated with my Son’s cross at many times, and you realized that the cross was the source of peace and new energies. I saw the example you gave to the world around you. I was present among you when hard blows seemed to shake your house.
But everything was founded on firm rock and the house did not fall. Today I receive your heart at this moment of the Golden Wedding. You are a clear sign of myself in the middle of the world. You have lived love and my house is the house of love!

Congratulations to our wedding

Love, today on our wedding anniversary I wish our love was so intense that it would support the inevitable routine. Let it be like heaven … Huge. And do not see the unsurpassable defects in the other. 

Let this feeling be very strong. So that every day erases an agony. May you sail north. When to the south presents with windy. 

May you be blind over time so you don’t see everything. May it wisely as the wind forcefully sweep away mourning. 

May two always be one. And may one always be two so that the bitter taste of rum will erase the taste of beans and rice. Let them be both when necessary. 

Deaf, dumb and blind. For only in this way will both carers not ferociously hurt the ego. 

I wish us much peace, love, and health. 

I love you!

It was on the first look that I consecrated my love to you and nothing will separate us in joy or pain. The world will not see our love run out. It was at the first glance that God married us and wrote my name and his in the blue of the sky.

God and a Blessed Couple: The perfect match for a life inspired by love and guided by faith.

A happy marriage lives on love, but also on forgiveness, on knowing how to accept defects and praise qualities.

A happy marriage is and will remain the most important voyage of discovery that man can ever undertake. unknown

Love is the best groomsman and reciprocal esteem your most faithful friend.

Marriage is a book whose first chapter is written in verse and the rest in prose…



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